Source code for torchgeo.models.changestar

# Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
# Licensed under the MIT License.

"""ChangeStar implementations."""

from typing import Dict, List

import torch
import torch.nn as nn
from einops import rearrange
from torch import Tensor
from torch.nn.modules import Module

from .farseg import FarSeg

[docs]class ChangeMixin(Module): """This module enables any segmentation model to detect binary change. The common usage is to attach this module on a segmentation model without the classification head. If you use this model in your research, please cite the following paper: * """
[docs] def __init__( self, in_channels: int = 128 * 2, inner_channels: int = 16, num_convs: int = 4, scale_factor: float = 4.0, ): """Initializes a new ChangeMixin module. Args: in_channels: sum of channels of bitemporal feature maps inner_channels: number of channels of inner feature maps num_convs: number of convolution blocks scale_factor: number of upsampling factor """ super().__init__() layers: List[Module] = [ nn.modules.Sequential( nn.modules.Conv2d(in_channels, inner_channels, 3, 1, 1), nn.modules.BatchNorm2d(inner_channels), nn.modules.ReLU(True), ) ] layers += [ nn.modules.Sequential( nn.modules.Conv2d(inner_channels, inner_channels, 3, 1, 1), nn.modules.BatchNorm2d(inner_channels), nn.modules.ReLU(True), ) for _ in range(num_convs - 1) ] cls_layer = nn.modules.Conv2d(inner_channels, 1, 3, 1, 1) layers.append(cls_layer) layers.append(nn.modules.UpsamplingBilinear2d(scale_factor=scale_factor)) self.convs = nn.modules.Sequential(*layers)
[docs] def forward(self, bi_feature: Tensor) -> List[Tensor]: """Forward pass of the model. Args: bi_feature: input bitemporal feature maps of shape [b, t, c, h, w] Returns: a list of bidirected output predictions """ batch_size = bi_feature.size(0) t1t2 =[bi_feature[:, 0, :, :, :], bi_feature[:, 1, :, :, :]], dim=1) t2t1 =[bi_feature[:, 1, :, :, :], bi_feature[:, 0, :, :, :]], dim=1) c1221 = self.convs([t1t2, t2t1], dim=0)) c12, c21 = torch.split(c1221, batch_size, dim=0) return [c12, c21]
[docs]class ChangeStar(Module): """The base class of the network architecture of ChangeStar. ChangeStar is composed of an any segmentation model and a ChangeMixin module. This model is mainly used for binary/multi-class change detection under bitemporal supervision and single-temporal supervision. It features the property of segmentation architecture reusing, which is helpful to integrate advanced dense prediction (e.g., semantic segmentation) network architecture into change detection. For multi-class change detection, semantic change prediction can be inferred by a binary change prediction from the ChangeMixin module and two semantic predictions from the Segmentation model. If you use this model in your research, please cite the following paper: * """
[docs] def __init__( self, dense_feature_extractor: Module, seg_classifier: Module, changemixin: ChangeMixin, inference_mode: str = "t1t2", ) -> None: """Initializes a new ChangeStar model. Args: dense_feature_extractor: module for dense feature extraction, typically a semantic segmentation model without semantic segmentation head. seg_classifier: semantic segmentation head, typically a convolutional layer followed by an upsampling layer. changemixin: :class:`torchgeo.models.ChangeMixin` module inference_mode: name of inference mode ``'t1t2'`` | ``'t2t1'`` | ``'mean'``. ``'t1t2'``: concatenate bitemporal features in the order of t1->t2; ``'t2t1'``: concatenate bitemporal features in the order of t2->t1; ``'mean'``: the weighted mean of the output of ``'t1t2'`` and ``'t1t2'`` """ super().__init__() self.dense_feature_extractor = dense_feature_extractor self.seg_classifier = seg_classifier self.changemixin = changemixin if inference_mode not in ["t1t2", "t2t1", "mean"]: raise ValueError(f"Unknown inference_mode: {inference_mode}") self.inference_mode = inference_mode
[docs] def forward(self, x: Tensor) -> Dict[str, Tensor]: """Forward pass of the model. Args: x: a bitemporal input tensor of shape [B, T, C, H, W] Returns: a dictionary containing bitemporal semantic segmentation logit and binary change detection logit/probability """ b, t, c, h, w = x.shape x = rearrange(x, "b t c h w -> (b t) c h w") # feature extraction bi_feature = self.dense_feature_extractor(x) # semantic segmentation bi_seg_logit = self.seg_classifier(bi_feature) bi_seg_logit = rearrange(bi_seg_logit, "(b t) c h w -> b t c h w", t=t) bi_feature = rearrange(bi_feature, "(b t) c h w -> b t c h w", t=t) # change detection c12, c21 = self.changemixin(bi_feature) results: Dict[str, Tensor] = {} if not results.update({"bi_seg_logit": bi_seg_logit}) if self.inference_mode == "t1t2": results.update({"change_prob": c12.sigmoid()}) elif self.inference_mode == "t2t1": results.update({"change_prob": c21.sigmoid()}) elif self.inference_mode == "mean": results.update( { "change_prob": torch.stack([c12, c21], dim=0) .sigmoid_() .mean(dim=0) } ) else: results.update( { "bi_seg_logit": bi_seg_logit, "bi_change_logit": torch.stack([c12, c21], dim=1), } ) return results
[docs]class ChangeStarFarSeg(ChangeStar): """The network architecture of ChangeStar(FarSeg). ChangeStar(FarSeg) is composed of a FarSeg model and a ChangeMixin module. If you use this model in your research, please cite the following paper: * """
[docs] def __init__( self, backbone: str = "resnet50", classes: int = 1, backbone_pretrained: bool = True, ) -> None: """Initializes a new ChangeStarFarSeg model. Args: backbone: name of ResNet backbone classes: number of output segmentation classes backbone_pretrained: whether to use pretrained weight for backbone """ model = FarSeg( backbone=backbone, classes=classes, backbone_pretrained=backbone_pretrained ) seg_classifier: Module = model.decoder.classifier model.decoder.classifier = nn.modules.Identity() # type: ignore[assignment] super().__init__( dense_feature_extractor=model, seg_classifier=seg_classifier, changemixin=ChangeMixin( in_channels=128 * 2, inner_channels=16, num_convs=4, scale_factor=4.0 ), inference_mode="t1t2", )

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